Amir Behkish, PhD, CHI

Certified Home Inspector
Civil & Structural Engineer

License# 69680

Based on his +23 years of experience in construction industry as: Home Inspector, Civil & Structural Engineer, Project Manager, Investor, and General Contractor, He is the BEST CHOICE for any Home Inspection project.

Amir owns and operates a construction-consulting firm and run Home Inspection under the umbrella of that company. He is certified, trained, and insured by General Liability and E&O insurances.

Carrying many detective tools and inspection gadgets, helps him to find problems & defects. His reports are narrative, clear, and precise combined with full detailed color photos, pointing out the problems to clients for their investments. He doesn’t believe in check-box type reports, as the clients hire him to take advantage of his knowledge, education, and experience. It’s the clients’ right to have more accurate information about their most important investment.

                • ASTTBC PI, Certified Home Inspector
                • Internationally Registered Civil & Structural Engineer
                • PhD in Civil Engineering-Construction
                • ASTTBC, Registered Applied Science Technologist in Civil
                • EPA, Certified AHERA, Asbestos, Building Inspector
                • MICRO, Certified Mold Inspector
                • ACI, Concrete Field Testing Technician- Grade 1
                • ACI, Aggregate Field Testing and Mix Design Technician

YES! He is the Inspector who knows the spirit of the construction.