Depending on the size of house, it could take up to 4 hours for inspection. I’ll email you a full schedule before inspection.

You will receive a narrative report combined with color photos. We’ll also have a walk-through at the end of inspection.

I’ll appreciate it if I receive the listing sheet. Property Disclosure Statement (PDS) could be a great help for inspection if available. You could email me any other document, which you think it could help the inspection process.

Yes. I will need unrestricted access to the all areas in the house/suite, electrical panel(s), hot-water tank(s), boiler(s), furnace(s), fireplace(s), Attic hatch(s), crawlspace/basement access, main shutoff valve, HRV, sump(s), etc. I need to be able to remove the cover completely.

Removal from the property of all air fresheners (particularly plug-in types or incense sticks) at least 24 hours ahead of the inspection is highly recommended.

A detailed email will be send to you prior the inspection.

The inspection process and tools could be dangerous for children.

The inspection process makes pets nervous and aggressive. It could also be dangerous for them too.

I need an environment without children or pets for inspection.

You can pay whenever you like before completion of inspection and delivering the report. I accept cash, cheque, and major credit cards.

Usually not. Everything is based on a written contract, which would be emailed to client before inspection. Unexpected situations are negotiable.

Yes. Technical support regarding the inspected items is a part of our contract.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Our service is based on client satisfaction. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is any concern.

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